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Warm Christian atmosphere

The idea of putting up a website to offer rosaries that get blessed by the Pope after purchase came up a couple of years ago. I have lived in Rome for more than 25 years and am qualified as an official guide for the Vatican and the City of Rome. I was born in the US and was brought up by my Italian mother, who had a strong faith in the Lord which was passed on to me. When I came to Rome 25 years ago, I was inspired by the warm Christian atmosphere. I found myself often attending a papal audience. These audiences as well as the pilgrims made me find my way to the Lord, so I started to work mostly with religious groups coming to Rome and the Vatican.

The papal blessing during the pilgrimage

One of the highlights for most people during their pilgrimage in Rome is the papal blessing, where everybody stands with the rosaries they bought for themselves, their family and friends, waiting for the moment to be blessed by the Pope.
I often got letters from people who I had guided in the Vatican asking me to send them papal blessed rosaries, because they wanted to give one to a friend who was suffering from an illness; as a wedding or communion present or just as a birthday or Christmas present.

Our Rosary is a beautiful way to share our feelings and love with the Lord

Realizing what a gift the Lord had given me by living in Rome so near to the Pope, I started to come up with the idea that I could help a lot of people all over the world who cannot come to Rome themselves.
So I started to build up a web shop and selected some beautiful Italian handmade rosaries. I do not want to sell products that are made in countries where child labor is normal, nor from countries where people are not free to proclaim their religion and where priests, nuns and missionaries are tortured and killed. Meanwhile I built up a small staff and we provide lots of people all over the world with fine handmade Italian papal blessed rosaries. 
We believe in the love of the Lord and praying our rosary is a beautiful way to share our feelings and love with the Lord and I hope we can share our experience with you as well.

Once in a lifetime personal experience

We are an independent company specialized in the purchase and sale of exclusive handmade Italian Rosaries. From our experience we know that the purchase of a Catholic rosary is an often once-in-a-lifetime personal experience. We have therefore carefully made this selection of rosaries, which we have experienced as highly valued by our customers.
As soon as you have placed the order, we will personally take care of bringing the rosaries to the blessing by the Holy Father. Our customers order from all over the world and have a close personal and emotional bond with the Roman Catholic Church just like our staff. We are situated in Rome.

Please take your time to browse our web-shop at your leisure, and enjoy selecting a rosary for yourself or for a beloved one.

God Bless you, Patricia

Patricia is standing at the right next to the nuns