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Wednesday September 2nd 2015


accepted orders before September 1st 5:00pm European Time for this Blessing date

Last update: August 19th 2015

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Papal Blessed Rosaries, the place where you can select a rosary or crucifix that we will personally bring to the general audience for the Blessing of the Holy Father, Pope Francis.

Your rosary blessed by the Holy Father

After you have selected a rosary, we will bring the rosary to the Vatican. We will personally ensure that your rosary will be blessed by the Holy Father. Accompanying your rosary, you will receive a certificate with the name on it and the date of blessing.

Your rosary is a life-long Catholic gift of blessing

Buy a rosary or crucifix either for yourself or for someone you care about. Think back to all those unforgettable catholic moments such as Baptism, the first Holy Communion, the Holy Confirmation, Marriage, Birth of a child, Anniversary. But also Christmas, a Birthday, Mother's Day or Father's Day.

Exclusive quality rosaries, all handmade in Italy

All our rosaries and crucifixes are made in Liguria, famous for its 300 year history of artisans making objects and jewelery from sterling silver. The artisans of this region are especially famous for the production and processing of Filigree.

Why are we providing this service?

Please read about us to get some more background information why and I started this website. It gives you a better idea of my intention and values.

Pope Francis visits the U.S. and Cuba

September 19 - 28

PHILADELPHIA (Reuters) - When Pope Francis addresses a crowd of thousands at Philadelphia's Independence Hall next month, he will speak from the same lectern that slain U.S. President Abraham Lincoln used to deliver the Gettysburg Address, officials said on Friday.

The pope's address at Independence Hall will come on the second-to-last day of his first trip as Pontiff to the United States, after he will have spoken to the U.S. Congress and United Nations and before an open-air Sunday mass that is expected to draw up to 2 million attendees.

Lincoln's famous 272-word address, given on Nov. 19, 1863 after the bloodiest battle of the U.S. Civil War is famed as a celebration of U.S. values and a defense of the conflict that ended slavery in the then-young nation.

"It seemed only appropriate to provide the Holy Father with the opportunity to deliver his message to the world from the lectern at which President Lincoln gave the most famous speech in American history," said John Meko, executive director of the Foundations of the Union League, which agreed to lend the podium for the visit.

The Union and Confederate armies took an estimated 51,000 casualties, including soldiers killed, wounded and captured, during the Battle of Gettysburg, located about 130 miles west of Philadelphia.



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'I am very happy with my Rosary Bracelet.  It is beautiful.  I was very happy with your service.  My bracelet was blessed on May 5th and I received it by May 7th!  You kept me well informed with e-mails as to the status of my order and I appreciated the tracking information you provided as well.  The certificate and prayer card are lovely as well as the gift packaging.  Thank You for your excellent service and I look forward to future purchases from Papal Blessed Rosaries! '

Cathleen W.


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